WOTLK Classic Profession Bonuses Guide

Picking the right professions in WOTLK Classic can be a real stumper, especially since there is so much more to consider than what the names of the professions imply. For instance, do you know what is the profession bonus to Skinning? In this article, we will crack down on what bonuses each of the WOTLK Classic professions contains to help make your decision that much simpler.  Make sure to check out our other guides and articles for other tips concerning WOTLK Classic professions and other game-related trivia.

So, what profession bonuses does WOTLK Classic bring?


As the name suggests, Alchemy crafts potions, elixirs, and flasks. Alchemists receive a profession bonus called Mixology, improving the effect while using flasks. This bonus provides you with one of the following extra stats based on the type of the flask: +64 Attack Power, + 37 Spell Power, +13 Mana per 5, or 320 Health. Moreover, the duration of the flask doubles for Alchemists. Also, Alchemy allows you to create your reusable Flask of the North, so you will never run out of the flasks again.


Another very good crafting profession is Blacksmithing which teaches you how to turn materials into plate armor, weapons, and other utility items. The perk of the blacksmithing Wrath profession lies in the option for adding two extra gem sockets, one to the gloves and one to the bracers. This allows blacksmiths to increase their overall stats with the following bonuses: +60 Stamina, +46 Spell Power, or +40 Strength.


The much-needed Enchanting specializes in adding extra stats to gear of all kinds. The Wrath profession bonus for Enchanters provides an opportunity to enchant ring items, a unique feature that non-Enchanters cannot receive. The extra enchantments can enhance your stats by +30 Stamina, +23 Spell Power, or +40 Attack Power. Unlike in TBC Classic, the Wrath expansion allows you to learn these enchantments from any Grand Master Enchanting Trainer.


The engineering profession's advantages are reflected in stat improvements, as Engineers can enchant their gear with unique features and in the form of neat devices and gadgets that only Engineers can get a hold of, including special mechanical mounts. Parachutes, Nitro Boots, Mekgineer’s Chopper, Jeeves, and Moll-E, are worth mentioning. Some Schematics for these devices can be bought from a vendor; others can be looted from specific mobs.


Herbalism is a gathering profession and is the main source of herbs needed for Alchemy and Inscription. Although Herbalism does not grant a profession bonus per se, however, Herbalists can benefit from a healing ability called Lifebloom. This ability does not cost any mana and heals you over 7 seconds.


Let us introduce you to Inscription, the new WOTLK profession that produces glyphs, scrolls, Darkmoon Cards, and other accessories. Inscription grants you an enchantment for your shoulder piece that is superior to the enchantments available in the game from vendors. Inscriptionests, therefore can benefit from one of these enchantments: +64 Attack Power, +37 Spell Power, + 32 Dodge Rating over the ones provided by vendors.


There is no surprise that Wrath Jewelcrafting profession teaches you how to craft gems and miscellaneous gear, such as necklaces, rings, and trinkets. However, being a Jewelcrafter allows you to cut your own customized gems with enhanced stats called Dragon’s Eye and equip up to 3 of these gems into your gem sockets, which can significantly increase your stats while wearing the same gear. Jewelcrafting Supplies vendor sells the Designs for Dragon’s Eye gems, and they fit blue, yellow, and red sockets.


Although Leatherworking is a very handy profession that enables crafting leather and mail gear together with augments for pants and bracers, when it comes to the profession bonus, Leatherworkers have to settle for bracers enchantment. This is the only enhancement that is superior to what Enchanting can offer. The bracers’ enchantment can increase the following stats +62 Stamina, +82 Attack Power, and +40 Spell Power over what a regular enchant would grant. Further, Leatherworker can also opt for bracers enchantment that boosts +70 Resistance against Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature, or Shadow.


Another Wrath gathering profession in line is mining. Equipped with a pick-axe, you can harvest raw materials from mineral veins all over the map that are further necessary for Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. The profession bonus you gain from Mining is extra Stamina, which makes Mining very viable for Tanks.


Tailoring is described as the craftmanship of turning cloth together with other raw materials into commodities such as cloth armor, inventory bags, and even woven flying mounts. If you took an interest in Wrath Tailoring profession, we have good news. Tailors also get unique embroidery they can apply on legs and cloaks. While leg embroidery is tradable to other characters, cloak embroidery is bound to Tailors only. However, all of them are connected to a proc effect.

Darkglow Embroidery gives you a chance to restore 400 mana when you cast a spell.

Lightweave Embroidery provides you with a chance to increase your spell power by 295 for 15 sec when casting a spell.

Swordguard Embroidery grants a chance to your damaging melee and ranged attacks to sometimes increase your attack power by 400 for 15 sec.

These profession bonuses significantly affect your performance, but they are also based on internal cooldowns.


The last gathering profession is Skinning. This WOTLK Classic profession is a vital skill for obtaining leather and hides. It is a mainly complementary profession for Leatherworking; however, you use leather in other professions, for instance, in Tailoring. With Skinning, you earn an extra Critical Strike Rating through Master of Anatomy. This extra stat comes in handy for any DPS class.

But what about Cooking, Fishing and First-Aid?

Although we can surely find many benefits that these professions offer, unfortunately, the secondary professions do not provide any extra bonuses that could be applicable only to the profession owner. If you are curious to find out more about secondary professions, make sure to visit our articles on Cooking, Fishing, and First-Aid of WOTLK Classic.



We hope this article proved to be helpful in your pursuit of the best professional fit for your character and with the proper bonuses, your gameplay will not be met with any further entanglements. However, if you are interested in even more boosts for your gaming experience, we recommend you check out our store for the best deals on wotlk gold, gear, and other commodities. Thank you for stopping by and fingers crossed!