TBC Classic to WOTLK Classic - The Big Changes

WOTLK Classic releases in a few more months, and players are excited for the changes that will come with it. In this article, we will go over all the important changes, what you need to look out for and how you can take advantage of it to make a profit or prepare before WOTLK releases. We have many guides covering all you need to know when it comes to leveling up quickly in WoW, what classes to play, and what is different between WOTLK Classic and WOTLK from 15 years ago, and you can check them all out here.

Without further ado, let's get into what changes from TBC Classic to WOTLK Classic.

Pet Peeves of TBC Classic

Everyone knows that mount collection, pet collection, and inventory space don’t go hand in hand. In TBC Classic, all mounts and pets were stored in your limited inventory space and were a headache to keep on hand. Proficient farmers would never have toys/pets or multiple mounts in their inventory, especially when out farming resources/mobs as a full inventory is never fun. WOTLK Classic will change all of these concerns to allow for a new mount tab and pet tab so that you can always run around with your pets and different mounts to show off to your friends. Some players have concerns regarding too many changes in WOTLK Classic, but the new tab changes are a welcome sight for all players throughout WoW.

Professions - The Major Changes

Firstly, professions will have various changes, but we will list the most important ones in this article.


Inscription is the first major change coming to WOTLK Classic, which creates the new, highly anticipated glyphs. Glyphs empower your character by giving unique effects to your abilities and increasing all classes' overall effectiveness throughout WoW. Inscription is usually used in conjunction with herbalism as you will need to process herbs to gain inks that create glyphs. This profession fell off in later expansions but fit like a glove in WOTLK Classic, and we recommend giving it a try.

Profession-Locked Gear

Profession-locked gear is no longer a thing in WOTLK Classic, so blacksmiths, tailors, and leatherworkers will now be able to sell their crafted gear making all professions more viable to earn a large income. In TBC Classic, you would see Warriors with tailoring just to get the one item, BiS, for their class, which is ridiculous; this means classes can choose professions that best suit their play style instead of taking ones because of BiS reasons. Again, another positive change is coming to the World of Warcraft Classic.

Miscellaneous Profession Changes

New herbs, mines, cloth, leather, and gems will be available once WOTLK classic releases, guaranteeing an ignition of more underused professions. Various buffs will be included when you take certain professions, such as:

●Toughness (Increases stamina permanently) - Comes from Mining
●Lifeblood - Herbalism perk which, when used, heals the player's character
●Various gem slots from Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting
●More enchants for enchanters
●Various armor and weapon buffs for tailoring and leatherworking
●Various armor and trinkets from Engineering
●Skinning increases critical hit chance permanently
●Inscription allows for shoulder enchants
●Alchemy increases potion/elixirs/flasks production along with longer-lasting effects

Remember that you may only run two professions per character, so choose which one suits your class and play style to afford these great new buffs.

Changes to Flying

We have a full article related to everything flying in WOTLK Classic, and you can check that out here. As for this article, we will give you the abridged version.
Flying in WOTLK Classic requires you to buy cold weather flying and costs a hefty 1000 gold. However, the positive changes are that you can fly from 77, and flying has increased from 150% at beginner level to 280% for expert riding, which is much faster than the TBC Classic experience of 60% fly speed.

More flying mounts have been added to the game to accommodate the new Mount Tab we spoke of earlier. So go out there and collect those flying mounts, and check in regularly with us to show you how to get every flying mount in WOTLK Classic.


Achievements, you know who you are, and this section is about our achievement hunters. WOTLK Classic brings achievements to the forefront of this expansion, allowing for interesting challenges within heroic/standard and raid tier content. As for our more passive players, there are achievements for you, too, involving pet collection, critter love/hate, mount collection, and so forth. Achievements make for fun interaction with guild members and can even prove your valor, so be sure to try to farm out as many achievements as WOTLK releases.

Achievements also bring new rewards, and we will list a few below; there may be more during WOTLK classic, but it hasn’t been announced yet:

●Perky Pug (Cute Pet for pugging (going with random players into dungeon/heroics))
●Mounts (Specifically the Proto drakes)

Leveling Changes

In TBC Classic, players (mostly casuals) hated leveling and were ostracized for using boosts; in WOTLK Classic, players will be happy to know that leveling just got easier. We have a full guide here outlining the changes, but we will abridge it for you.

Dungeons were made easier, players had more health/mana, and camps were easier to clear. All round good things to make leveling challenging but not impossible for casual solo players. These are just a few changes, so check out our full guide!


Last but not least, WOTLK Classic got a slight update to its graphics engine, providing smoother gameplay with better visual effects. Updating the graphics is a small change but a welcome sight for WoW.


That does it for our list of changes; there are plenty more, so check out our other articles for full changes from TBC classic to WOTLK Classic. We hope you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out our store to get ahead of the curve when WOTLK Classic releases, also with cheap WotLK Classic gold here. We’re excited and cannot wait to see you all in the game; happy leveling!