WotLK Classic Shaman Guide

Welcome Back to another Wrath of the Leach king guide. Today we will be discussing the Shaman class. This WOTLK Shaman guide will cover all the specialisations, their best profession, races, utilities and the pros & cons of choosing one over another.

Specialisations of Shaman

Like any other class in WOTLK, the shaman also has three specialisations which have different roles, gameplay, pro & cons, and mobility. Every specialisation is explained below with the best races, professions and stat allocations.

WOTLK Classic Shaman Elemental Guide

The Elemental Shaman is a powerful burst-type caster that burns its victims with molten lava and gives them powerful electric shocks, even generating a thunderstorm to blow all the enemies away when it feels threatened. The elemental Shaman combines burst damage, usefulness, and quick healing in PvE. This mini WOTLK Classic Shaman Elemental Guide tells you how to play the specialisation the best.

Best Races

The following race is the best race for Elemental Shaman in Horde-


Orcs are Shaman’s first and the best race. They have a few interesting traits that come with their race and are often thought to be the best race for the Shaman class, with the exception of the Restoration specialisation. The following traits are unique to orcs:

-Command: makes your Earth and Fire elementals stronger,
-Hardiness: makes you less likely to be stunned, and can help you stay alive in PvE situations.
-Blood Fury: gives a boost to spell power.
The best race for Alliance is-


The Draenei are the only Alliance race that can play the Shaman class in Wrath of the Lich King, and they have some very strong traits for PvE fights. These are:
-Heroic Presence: makes all party members within a 30-yard radius 1% more likely to hit.
-Gift of the Naaru: it gives an instant-cast heal-over-time that can be the difference between life and death in tough situations. If the healer is having trouble, you can cast it on yourself or the tank.
-Gem cutting: increases your base Jewelcrafting skill by 5, and Shadow Resistance, which makes it less likely that shadow spells will hit you by 2%.

Best Professions


If a DPS wants to get their stats as high as possible for end-game content, they have to learn Engineering. For an Elemental Shaman, the haste from Hyperspeed Accelerators will increase your damage by a lot, since the Elemental Shaman gets a lot of benefit from haste.

In addition to the haste buff, which you can use every 48 seconds, Nitro Boosts can help you get out of certain dungeon/raid mechanics or catch up to the stacking points. Engineering will also give you a lot of fun tools for both PvE and PvP. Each day you use these tools, you will fall in love with this profession more and more.

We have a dedicated guide on how to make more Wotlk gold with the best professions in WOTLK, check that out for more information on professions.

Stats Allocation

Hit Rating: If you don't get any boosts from other classes or races, your Hit Rating should be between 13 and 14 per cent. With buffs, you should be at 17 per cent, which is what you need to get rid of the chance that your spells will miss.

Haste: The Elemental Shaman needs a lot of haste. The more haste you get, the more likely it is that your damage will be consistent. Your damage will go up a lot if you have a haste rating of 1,000 to 1,100 without any buffs.

WOTLK Classic Shaman Enhancement Guide

The Enhancement Shaman is a hybrid class that can do high burst damage, have useful skills, and heal quickly in PvE. The Enhancement Shaman can kill a target in a matter of seconds by calling on the anger of the primal elements and letting them rain down on his enemies. With the help of his totems, he can also give his allies strong spiritual guidance that helps them stay strong.

Best Races

Tauren for Horde

The Tauren is the best race for Enhancement Shaman in the Horde. These powerful spiritual beings have a strong bond with nature and the elements. They have a lot of useful traits for PvE situations, like:

-Endurance: adds 5 per cent to Tauren's base health.
-War Stomp: makes it easier to stay alive in tough situations, like when you are being overrun.
-Nature Resistance: makes it 2% less likely that nature spells will hit you. This is like the Blood Elf racial's passive effect.
-Cultivation: makes your base Herbalism skill 15 points higher. This trait can help you decide which professions to choose.
For Alliance, just like the elemental shaman, the Draenei is the best race.

Best Professions


Mining is a good way to make money and gives you enough raw materials to level up professions. Most people don't realise how much money they can make from mining. It will not only give you a steady source of gold, but it will also give you a passive ability called "Toughness," which will increase your stamina by 60 at max rank.


Jewelcrafting can give you a lot of gold and help you get the most out of the game, or "max out."A Jewelcrafter can make special gems like the Quick Dragon's Eye, which will boost the stats more as compared to the regular gems.

Stats Allocation

Hit Rating is tough for dual-wielding classes. Soft hit caps for melee classes are 8% and 25%. 25 per cent Melee Hit Rating and 17 per cent Spell Hit Rating may harm your build, thus strive for 13-14 per cent.

Always have 26 Expertise. More Attack Power is better. Because of our talents, we'll obtain Spell Power from Attack Power.

Enhancement Shaman and Retribution Paladin share Haste. This class abuses Haste. Over 16 percent of Haste boosts damage.

Armour Penetration is a powerful stat. Enhancement Shamans deal physical and natural damage. Armour Penetration isn't a better stat. Still, it's valuable and shouldn't be overlooked.

There’s a similar class in WOTLK called Warrior class, which we have discussed in the WOTLK Warrior guide, you can also check that out and see if it suits your playstyle.

WOTLK Classic Shaman Restoration Guide

Resto Shamans are the healers of the team. It has talents that have no cooldown, which means it can do AOE healing continuously when in high-intensity situations. Not only healing, but Resto Shamans can also do heavy damage through spells like Flame shock and Lava Surge.

Best Races


Trolls are the best for the Resto Shaman class from the Horde. They have some interesting traits that can give you an edge in PvP like:

Regeneration: increases your base health regeneration factor by 10% and lets you keep regenerating 10% of your health while in combat.

Da Voodoo Shuffle: it reduces movement-impairing effects by 15%. This can help with kiting. Berserking is another thing that trolls can give you. It speeds up your attacks and spells by 20%.

Beast Slaying: adds 5% to the damage you do to beasts. There are also Bow Specialisation and Throwing Specialisation, but these do not help the Shaman class.

Best Professions


It has always been the best profession for PvE content. Since the beginning of WoW, players have been able to use gadgets that give them an advantage over their opponents. Some of these are the Nitro Boosts, Saronite Bomb, Mind Amplification Dish, etc.


Here you can make your own gear, which gives you a very powerful advantage. But as time goes on, it becomes clearer that the true benefit of this profession is the Lightweave Embroidery enchantment.


It lets you make useful potions and flasks. Even though you usually can't use potions in arenas, you can still use the Flask of the North, which is made for alchemists. It gives either spell power, attack power, or raw strength, and it's the only flask that can be used in an arena.

Stats Allocation

There are two ways to decide how your Restoration Shaman's stats should be ranked. The Critical Strike Rating is good for builds that focus on the Lesser Healing Wave, while the MP5 (mana per 5 seconds) stat lets you cast Healing Wave more often.

Maxed out MP5. Your goal should be to get to 450 without being buffed while still keeping your Spellpower high. You should put Critical Strike Rating at the top of your list if you want a lesser healing wave to build. Even so, you should still keep a good number of MP5s.

Your goal for Resilience should be 1400. Any score above that is still nice to have, but 1350-1400 is the soft cap you want to reach.

Intellect is an important stat because it gives you Spell Critical Strike and helps your mana pool.

Stamina is last, but not least. Because of the working of the talents, having a high stamina pool is a must for Restoration Shaman —the more, the better.


Alright! So that was the comprehensive Shaman guide that explained to you about all the specialisations and the races and professions of the different shamans. There’s also a WOTLK Top Tank List Guide that will help you in understanding the Tank more and level them.